Awarded Projects
Changi Airport T2 Carpark | Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
Ocean Financial Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Woodlands Health Campus | Full Range of Car Park Accessories
Daikai Engineering Pte Ltd | Gradus Sureprotect Endure 1mm (T) Rigid Sheet
6 Battery Road | Gradus Entrance Floor Mat Esplanade 1500
CT3 Cleantech Park | Gradus Wall Protection Systems (CGH5090 Corner Guards, WGS200C Wall Guard)

Ongoing Works
Forestwoods Condominium | Car Park Accessories
79 Robinson Road | Car Park Accessories, HK-2018, CG-120 at Loading Bay
2 Perumal Road | Car Park Accessories
45 Amber Road | Car Park Accessories
HometeamNS Khatib |  Car Park Accessories
Queens Peak | Car Park Accessories
Senja Hawker Centre | Car Park Accessories & Wall Protection System
Pasir Ris Nursing Home | Gradus CGS2590N
Allium Care Suites | Gradus CGH5090, WGA100 and WGS200C
5 Storey Polyclinic & Senior Car Centre @ Chin Cheng Ave | Car Park Accessories
Refurbishment of Institute of Metal Health | Wall Protection Systems, Vinyl WB-200, CG-100 & PVC Strip Curtain
Raffles Hotel Singapore | CGS5090N Corner Guards @ L1 Court Yard

Singapore Sports Hub | Gradus Entrance Floor Mat (Esplanade 1050)
Blu 10 Warehouse @ Tampines Industrial Drive | Big Stopper HK-2018 and Vinyl Corner Guard CG-100
Tee Yih Jia Food Hub | Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Integrated Mixed Development Bidadari Contract 5 | Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Punggol North C6/7 HDB Project | Vinyl Corner Guard CG-100
Integrated Care Hub (ICH) | Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat System