2017 to 2020

2020 | We commit to excellence 

(Phase 3) Duo Residences | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards & K-G815
(Phase 3) Tivoli Grade | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 3) Clementi Ave 3 | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 3) Newton Edge | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Vinyl Corner Guard CG-76
(Phase 2) Admiralty Place | P.E. Certified Impact-Resistant S.S. Bollards
(Phase 2) Grosvenor View | Column Guard CUR-90 , WB-200 Wall Bumper @ Bin Centre
(Project) Forestwoods Condominium | Car Park Accessories 
(Phase 2) Forestville | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) The Alps Residences | Range of Car Park Accessories Systems
(Project) 45 Amber Road | Car Park Accessories Package
(Phase 2) The Crest | SR-425, Letiboy Signage, Indoor Convex Mirror, Vinyl CG-100
(Phase 2) The Pier @ Robertson | Indoor & Outdoor Convex Mirrors 
(Phase 2) Meyer Residence | EAR3150 Stair Nosing, Convex Mirrors
(Phase 2) Melville Park | Vinyl WB-200, CG-100, Color Car Stopper, Speed Ramp
(Phase 2) Duo Residences | Lane Flex Reboundable Post 
(Phase 2) 29G Goodman Road | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Kingsford Waterbay | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Convex Mirrors 
The Arc @ Draycott | Lane Flex Reboundable Post, Convex Mirrors 

(Phase 2) Raduga Centre | Mitre Joint WB-200 with Aluminium Checkered Corner Guard
(Phase 2) Krisshop | Relocation of Wheel Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Nex Shopping Mall | SHG Type A Bumper, Rubber Studded Tiles, WB-200
(Phase 2) CT Hub | Lane Flex Post, Removable Post, Letiboy Signage, Speed Hump
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T4 | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2 Project) 79 Robinson Road | Car Park Accessories, HK-2018, CG-120 Package
(Phase 2) Millenia Walk | EPDM Loading Bay Bumper LB-2080 Replacement Works 
(Phase 2) 2 Loyang Way Bus Depot | Wheel Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T2 Carpark A&A | Car Stopper HK-1412, Speed Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Big Box DHL | Outdoor Mirrors, Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Metal Expandable Barriers
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T2 Basement | Lane Flex Reboundable Post
(Phase 2) Carros Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Singapore Sports Hub | Gradus Entrance Floor Mat Esplanade 1050 
(Phase 2) Punggol Bus Interchange | Fixed Spring Loaded Post
(Phase 2) Millenia Tower L1 Loading Bay | Alum. C.P., Vinyl WB200, Vinyl CG-100
(Phase2) 12 Kallang Avenue | Big Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Big Box Jurong | Color Car Stopper HK-1412 (Delivery)
Ocean Financial Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 

Eunos Technolink | Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Fixed Spring Loaded Post
Chevron House | Vinyl CG-76, G316 S.S. Slide Out Bollards, Speed Ramp SR-425
30 Bideford Road | Vinyl CG-76, Speed Ramp SR-425, Convex Mirrors 

(Phase 2) Raffles Hotel BOH Housekeeping/ Staff Corridors | Gradus WGS200C, CGH5090
(Phase 2) Le Grove Service Residences Cargo Lifts |  Gradus CGS2590N Corner Guards 
(Phase 2) Le Grove Service Residences B1 Housekeeping |  Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards 
(Phase 2) Raffles Hotel L1 Kitchen Area | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards
Marina Bay Sands | Romus Scrapex Floor Mats 
Raffles Hotel Singapore | Gradus CGS5090N @ L1 Courtyard
Hoi An Condotel, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection

Outpost Village Hotel, Sentosa | Gradus CGS5090N, CGS2590N Corner Guards 
Qatar Lounge @ Terminal 1 | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guard 

(Project) Allium Care Suites | Gradus Wall Protection Systems (CGH5090, WGA100, WGS200C)
(Phase 2) National University Hospital | WGA100 Wall Guard / Bed Stopper (Bark 010)
Institution of Mental Health | Refurbishment Work- PVC Strip Curtain, Vinyl WB-200, CG-100 
National University Hospital | 1mm (T) Gradus Sureprotect Endure @ Clinic B 

National University Hospital | Gradus CGS2590N Door Frame C.G. @ Medical Centre
Pristine Medical Clinic | Gradus Wall Protection 
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre | A&A Works – Gradus CGS2590N Corner Guards
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre | A&A Works – Gradus SPE10 Sureprotect Endure 

Hometeam NS Khatib | Car Park Accessories 
Outward Bound Singapore | 800mm dia Convex Mirrors c/w Galv. Steel Poles 

(Phase 2) Masjid Assyakirin | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards 
(Phase 2) Gem World Academy | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) NTU Laboratory | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
(Phase 2) State Courts of Singapore | BOH Vinyl Wall Bumper and Corner Guard Protection
(Phase 2) Gem World Academy | Traffic Signage, SR-425, Outdoor Mirror 
(Phase 2) Sengkang-Punggol LRT Depot | Vinyl CG-100 @ 1.2m, 1.8m (H) 
Nee Soon Camp | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board | Car Park Accessories 

(Phase 3) Blu Singapore Warehouse | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Caterpillar ADC | Additional Rubberised Truck Stopper + LB140 Combi Sys. 
(Phase 2) Mitsui High Tech | EPDM Rubber LB-140 Corner Protection System
(Phase 2) 47 Jalan Buroh (Redmart) | Heavy Duty Speed Restriction Hump SR-500 
(Phase 2) Paya Ubi Industrial Park | Fire Engine Lots Quick Release Spring Posts
(Phase 2) Paya Ubi Industrial Park | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 

(Phase 2) Daikai Engineering | Gradus SPE10 1mm Rigid Sheet
(Phase 2) Kimberly Clark Asia Pacific | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018 (53 bays)
(Phase 2) Mega@Woodlands | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Caterpillar ADC | Rubber HKR1816 Stopper & EPDM LB-180 System
(Phase 2) 9@Tagore | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Kim Keat Avenue | Vinyl WB-150 (Delivery) 

Bollore Logistics | Vinyl WB-200 
Mitsui-Soko International Pte Ltd | Replacement Works – 56 nos DB-018
RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd | Replacement Works – EPDM LB-180, DB-018 

2019 | We strive to excel

MCST 4485 The Hillford | Car Park Accessories 

MCST 4501 The Crest | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
The Alps | Car Park Accessories 
Coco Palms | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
Kallang Riverside | G316 Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards @ Drop off Point
The Clement Canopy | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat 
Northwave E.C. | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Northwave E.C. | Car Park Accessories 

Changi Airport T2 Loading Bay | Replacement Works- Vinyl CG-120, WB-200
Changi Airport T3  Loading Bay A,B,C | Replacement works- Big Stopper HK-2018
Kris Shop Pte Ltd | Wheelstopper HK-1412 Kerb Protection
Friendship Tower, Vietnam | Gradus Carstopper HK-1412, Vinyl CG-76
Hoi An Casino, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection 
Millennia Tower | EPDM LB-180, Dock Bumper DB-018, Vinyl WB-200
Millennia Tower | Alum. Checkered Plate. Vinyl CG-100, WB-200 
Nex Shopping Mall | Dark Grey Vinyl CG-100, WB-200 @ BOH
Nex Shopping Mall | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018, Speed Ramp SR-425 
One Raffles Place | Alum. Checkered Plate, Vinyl CG-76 @ B-O-H

KHOS Hotel, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection

Fairmont Hotel | Gradus Corner Guard CGH5090, CGH75135 
Le Grove Serviced Residences | Gradus Corner Guard CGH5090, CGS2590N 
Marina Bay Sands | EPDM LB-140, Rubber Studded Tiles Lift Cladding Protection 

Moonlight Home for the Aged & Handicapped | NAKA Handrail, Corner Guards
Admiralty Medical Centre | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards

Radin Mas Community Club  | Mild Steel Bollards @ Drop off Point

State Courts of Singapore | Car Park Accessories 

State Courts of Singapore | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre | Car Park Accessories 
Police Cantonment Complex | Vinyl CG-76 and Kerb-Edge Protection 
Institute of Technical Education Central | The Black Box- HK-1412 isolators 

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018
Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Circular Column Bumper WB-200,  WB25

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Solid Wall Bumper WB-25, New HKR1816LB140
North Tech DOP | P.E. Endorsed M.S. Bollards (Delivery) 

Biorad DC @ 30 Toh Guan Road | Permalight Vinyl Guidance, directional arrows
Jurong Island Warehouse | EPDM LB-140 (Delivery) 
Wearnes Building @ 45 Leng Kee Road | Lane Flex  Post, Convex Mirrors 
Hen Tick Foods Pte Ltd | 2 Layers EPDM LB-180 @ Warehouse Dock
DFS Singapore | EPDM Wheel Chock WC-230 c/w S.S. Chain for Loading Bays 

(Places of Worship )
Thye Hua Kwan Temple @ Fernvale | Car Park Accessories 

2018 | We dedicate and commit 

Kingsford Waterbay Condominium | Car Park Accessories 

Kallang Riverside | Car Park Accessories 
The Poiz | Car Park Accessories 
Duo Residences | KOROGARD Corner Guards, Car Park Accessories 
The Criterion | Car Park Accessories 

Jewel Changi Airport | Color Car Stopper HK-1412 
NomadX @ Plaza Singapura | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Changi Airport T3 Transit North | Gradus Wall Protection
Alexandra Technopark | Car Park Accessories
Forest City Project, Johor, Malaysia | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Fusionopolis 1 Building | Column Guard CUR-90, Vinyl VG-100 

Le Grove Serviced Residences | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Tanah Merah Country Club | KOROGARD C.G. Vinyl CG-76, EPDM LB-2080
Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre | Gradus Wall Protection, Alum. C. Plate
Outpost Village Hotel, Sentosa | Vinyl WB-150, CUR-90, Convex Mirrors 

Camden Medical Centre | Gradus Wall Protection

Taman Jurong Nursing Home | Naka Wall Protection (Services) 
Farrer Square Medical Centre | Naka Wall Protection (Services) 

Frontier Community Club | Gradus Corner Guard  CGH5090
Heartbeat@ Bedok | Car Park Accessories, Wall Painted Directional Arrows

NUS School of Design & Environment | S.S. Fixed and Slot-out Bollards

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Overhead Column Protection CG-120, WB-200
FM Global Centre | Car Park Accessories
Southpoint | Vinyl CG-100, Vinyl WB-200, EPDM LB-2080
DFS Warehouse Singapore | Wheel Stopper HK-1412, Vinyl CG-100

(Places of Worship )
Church of our Saviour | Column Guard CUR-90

2017 | We make the effort

Highline Residences @ Kim Tian Road | SHG Bumper Guards
The Creek @ Bukit Batok | Car Park Accessories 
Coco Palms @ Pasir Ris | Car Park Accessories 
Sea Horizon EC @ Pasir Ris | Car Park Accessories 
New Futura @ Leonie Hill | Car Park Accessories
Kingsford Hillview Peak @ Hillview Ave| Car Park Accessories

The Venue Residences | Car Park Accessories 

Yishun Hawker Centre @ Yishun Ave 11 | Car Park Accessories 
A&A Works @ Fusionopolis | G316 Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards
A&A Works @ One Marina Boulevard | KOROGARD Wall Protection

Andaz Hotel Singapore @ Duo | KOROGARD Wall Protection 

Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic | Car Park Accessories