(NEW) Bicycle Parking

The Future of Bicycle Parking

Specially curated and designed by CEO Mr. Heo himself, NXS is proud to introduce the new style of bicycle parking. Creating Vertical Structures and effective roller mechanisms, Alumizone Upright Bicycle Rack is suitable for all ages.

Enough of the galvanised Two-tier bicycle racks, how effective are those actually? Especially the top tier tend to be under utilise and heavy when pulled out from its rail. 

With the light weight aluminium alloy material constructed for wall mounted or fixated onto a structured support, this unique clamping mechanism with spring effect uplifts the bicycle with ease suitable for all age group users.

A separate lock system is available to secure onto the ground, creating a double lock safety check.

In addition, there are square connectors available for adjustment of different rack position to prevent a clash of bicycle handles.

Each structured is customised and no two designs are alike. Each set is also tailored to client’s requirement and color preferences. All models are powder-coated and anodised.

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