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Color Car Stopper

Product of South Korea

  • Awarded two tick rating by Singapore Green Building Council 
  • The only assorted color car stopper in Singapore 
  • Color differentiation allows a clear distinction of lots 
  • Yellow – Regular, Blue – Special Assistance Lot – Green – Eco-Charging Lots – Orange – Family Lots, Black- Special Assistance Lot
  • Grey – to mimic the color of a concrete stopper
  • Not advisable to use concrete stopper as broken fragments may pose safety risks, and also an opportunity for car theft 

Rubber Car Stopper

Product of South Korea

  • Material made of complex rubber
  • Top resistance to impact, pollution and ozone
  • First Model known to have a built-in reflector for Rubber Car Stopper
  • Press injection molding for consistent quality and look

Column Guard

Product of South Korea

  • Available in Black with co-extruded yellow stripes, all black and all grey 
  • Designed for carpark columns 
  • Complete with galvanised steel frame and black PVC top/bottom cappings 

Speed Restriction Ramp

Product of U.K.

  • Thermoplastic recycled rubber with built-in reflector eyes
  • Material test report available upon request
  • Product comes with 250mm (W) end caps 
  • Alternate patterns black/yellow is used to highlight safety markings
  • Easy to install, replace and maintain as compared to concrete humps 
  • To mitigate vehicular speeding along driveway

Heavy Duty Speed Restriction Hump

Product of U.K.

  • Thermoplastic recycled rubber with built-in reflector eyes
  • Used for heavy vehicle roll overs at Industrial, Factory premises
  • A 30mm dia pipe protection can be considered with the hump mid-sections over it 

Speed Downer 1

Product of South Korea

  • Made of Complex plastomer plastic
  • Awarded two tick rating by Singapore Green Building Council 
  • Rigid texture for better traction with SLOW text imprinted 
  • Other forms of color dye resin available such as blue, grey, orange and green 

Lane Flex Reboundable Post

Product of Australia

  • Made of polyurethane material
  • Install at Carpark Gantries, Island intersection, lane dividers, merging lanes 
  • Available in 300mm, 750mm and 1000mm (H) 
  • Two color choices – safety orange with white reflective sticker 
    or black with yellow reflective sticker 
  • 3-year product warranty excluding reflective stickers 

Convex Mirrors

Product of Taiwan

  • For Indoor usage, it is a 660mm dia acrylic mirror 
  • For Outdoor usage, it is a 800mm dia polycarbonate mirror 
  • Galvanised/ Stainless Steel G304 pole sold separately for floor mounted
  • Stainless steel convex mirrors are available (separate request to be made) 
  • Smaller size of 450mm acrylic mirror is available upon request 

Swareflex Two-Way Reflective Markers

Product of Austria

  • Install between two-way traffic
  • Serving as visual markers for emergency services
  • Available in yellow or red glass elements

Carpark Ramp Wall Bumpers

Product of Singapore

  • Continuous length of 6.0m reduces wastage
  • Unlike 1.0m (L), this reduces the number of butt joints 
  • Option with self-adhesive black yellow sticker 

Fixed Spring Loaded Post

Black/Yellow Sticker

  • 3M diamond grade reflective sticker (LTA-Compliant) > Made in U.S.A.
  • Engineering grade sticker > Made in Taiwan
  • Color options: Black/ Yellow OR Red/ White
  • 60mm dia x 1050mm (H)

Quick Release Removable Spring Loaded Post

Product of U.S.A. or New Zealand

  • 60mm dia x 1050mm (H) 
  • Products comes with a removable locking pin
  • This is a twist-turn-pull designed post for fast reaction
  • Available in Red/White reflective sticker

Removable Spring Loaded Post (Padlock)

Product of Taiwan

  • 60mm dia x 1050mm (H) 
  • Product comes with individual padlock set with three keys 
  • Stainless Steel D Hooks and Yellow PVC chain each sold separately

Letiboy Flexible Directional Signage

Product of Germany

  • 990mm (H) x 230mm (W) 
  • Yellow ASA base with 250mm x 300mm 
  • Customisation of Text imprinted onto front and back side of panels
  • Do not use aluminium panels affixed onto plastic post as a substitution as the sharp edges poses a safety risk to both pedestrians and motorists. 

Traffic Signages

Product of Singapore

  • 600mm x 600mm x 1.5mm (T) 
  • Customisation of artwork for instructions, directional signs, wheel clamps etc 
  • Signage is only for use in private properties 

Bicycle Racks

  • G304 Stainless Steel materials 
  • Fabricated in Singapore 
  • Architect drawing may be required for special fabrication 

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