2017 to 2023

2024 | We harness opportunities 

Nex Shopping Mall – Vinyl Wal Bumper WB-200 carpark driveway
Manulife Tower – PE Endorsed Fixed MS Bollards

Singapore National Research Facility – Vinyl Hollow D Fender, Wall Bumper, Corner Guard

GETH50 – Carpark Accessories


2023 | We fulfil promises


The Sail – Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards , Speed Ramp SR-425
Sengkang N1C30 – SR-425, Fixed Spring Loaded Post, Mild Steel Bollards
Clementi CLN8C1 – Rubber Studded Tiles
Tengah C4 HDB – Rubber Studded Tiles
Duo Residences – Lane Flex Reboundable Posts
Spottiswoode Residences – G316 SS Markers, CG-76
Costa Rhu – Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 replacement
The Arena Residences – CUR-90, Convex Mirrors 


Wisteria Mall – Color Car Stopper HK-1412
17 Woodlands Terrace – CUR-90 Black, 800mm dia Outdoor mirror pole mounted
Parkway Parade TP-02 Corridor -SPE15, CGH5090
Parkway Parade AEI TP-01 – SPE10, CGH5090
A&A Tanglin Mall – CGH5090, CGS5090N, SPE10
SIN67 Meeting Rooms – WGS200C
Great World City – SR-425
Capital UE Bizhub AMK – SR-425
Guoco Tower – SR-500
9 Pioneer View – HK-2018
72 Bendemeer Road – Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Paya Ubi Industrial Park – SR-425 
Parc Komo – HK-1412, CUR-90, SR-425, Convex Mirrors
Capital Square – HK-1412, SR-425
18 Tampines Industrial Crescent – Vinyl WB-200, CG-100
Tangs Vivocity – Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
TravelLodge Harbourfront – Gradus CGS2590N Door Frame Protection
NEX Shopping Mall – Q.R. Removable Spring Loaded Posts
31 Fishery Port – Dock Bumper DB-018 replacement
28 Penjuru Lane – Dock Bumper DB-018 replacement
Millennia Tower BOH – Alum C.P., WB-200, CG-100
Pharma Company – H-Beam Vinyl  Corner Guard Yellow
Singapore Power – EPDM Rubber Wheel Chocks WC-230 / Drum Chocks WC-140


St Regis Residence – Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Column Guard CUR-90
Momentus Alexandra Hotel – Vinyl CG-100
YMCA Metropolitan – Gradus CGH5090 Sand008
Holiday Inn Express Orchard – Gradus CGS5090N
ParkRoyal Kitchener – SPE10 Door Rigid Sheet
Marina Bay Sands Kitchen Doors – Gradus SPE10
Marina Bay Sands BOH – Gradus WGA100
Raffles Hotel Singapore – CGS5090N, Chalk001
The Edition Hotel @ Orchard Blvd – CGH5090, WGA100, WGS200C, SS Floor Rail

Suzuki Gourmet Coffee – PVC Strip Curtains 

KrisShop – Wheel Stopper HK-1412, Vinyl Corner Guard CG-100, Gradus CGH5090
A&A Elizabeth Hotel – Esplanade 1500 


Singapore National Eye Centre – Scrapex Floor Mat
NUH Angiography – Gradus Wall Protection
NUH Ward 41 – Gradus Wall Protection
NUH Acute Medical Unit 1.0 – Gradus WGA100
CGH BMD & X-ray – Gradus CGH5090, SPE10
Alexandra Hospital – SPE10 Door Kick Plates
Parkway East Hospital W4A,3B – Gradus WGA100
Parkway East Hospital OT Phase 1 & 2 – CGH5090, WGS200C, SPE10
NUH Acute Medicine Unit 2.0 – CGH5090, WGA100, SPE10, WB-200
NUH Wellness Centre – SPE10 
NUH Clinic O & G – SPE10
Integrated Care Hub (ICH) Novena – Esplanade 1500
Farrer Park Hospital – Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200
Farrer Park Hospital – Gradus CGH5090, WGA100
Parkway East Hospital – Combination Handrail CHR160
Alexandra Hospital Blk 2 L1 – SHR40W, CGH5090, WGS200C 


Alexandra Fire Station – Gradus CGH5090
The Diocese of Singapore – Traffic Signages 

Singapore Polytechnic Blk T19 L1 – Lecture Hall – Esplanade 1500
Ministry of Sustainability & Environment – HK-1412 Concrete infilled
2 Tuas Link 3 – Traffic Signages 1.5mm (T) 
21 Sungei Kadut Street 2 – Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018
Food Technology Innovation Centre – WGS200C, CGH5090
JTC Space @ Tuas – Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018
JIC Pioneer – Outdoor Convex Mirror Replacement
Grace Assembly of God – Color Car Stopper HK-1412


ST Mircoelectronics – Fixed SS Bollards 
1 Venture avenue – Swareflex Road Markers
BP – EPDM Rubber Bus Truck Stoppers
Caterpillar ADC – EPDM Rubber Wheel Chock & SS Chain 

Caterpillar ADC – HK-2018 replacement 

2022 | We take pride

Sengkang N1 C30 (G316 SS Studs)
The Esta (Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425)
Dawson C3 HDB (Esplanade 1500 Floor Mat)
Admiralty HDB (SS Slanted Top PE Design Bollards + Surface Bollards)
High Park Condominium (Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Outdoor Mirrors)
L Viv  Condominium (Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards)
Nathan Suites (Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
Thomson 800 (Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
Dawson C3 (Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat) 

NEX Shopping Mall (C-800 end caps, SR-425)
28 Penjuru Lane (EPDM Rubber Dock Bumper DB-018)
Paya Lebar Quarter Mall (Esplanade 1000 Floor Mat)
DHL Greenwich (Color Car Stopper HK-1412 Yellow, Green)
B2 Mercedes Benz (Rubber Car Stopper HKR-1512)
B2 Mercedes Benz Showroom (HK-1412, SR-425, CUR-90, 660mm dia Indoor Mirrors)

SIN 61  (Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200, Corner Guard CG-100)
21 Benoi Sector ( Blue Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
Paya Lebar Quarter 2 (SS Removable Slide-out Bollards)
Vicom Bukit Batok (Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
Jewel (Replacement B2 Big Stopper HK-2018)

Ascott LYF @ One North (CGH5090 Shale005)
NOBU Singapore (WGS200C Wall Guards)
Raffles Hotel Bin Centre K1, K2 Corridors (Gradus WGS200C IVORY)
Hilton Singapore Orchard (Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425)

National University Hospital EMD Tentage (CGH5090 Ivory006)
National University Hospital Ward 24 (CGH5090, SPE10 RoseQuartz)
National University Hospital L4 Endoscopy Department (Wall Protection)
L7 Aptus Paragon Medical (WGS200C) 

Tian Kong & Kancanarama Buddhist Temple (Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
Jurong Lake Garden North Carpark (Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425)
Anchorvale Senior Care Centre (CGH5090 Ivory006)

Changi Naval Base (Vinyl CG-120)
Surbana Jurong Campus (Color Car Stopper HK-1412)
SIA Sports Club (Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425) 

Tee Yih Jia Food Hub (Esplanade 1500 Floor Mat)
Global Foundaries (M.S. Bollards concreted infilled 1500mm H)
Enterprise One Roof Level (Fixed Spring Loaded Posts)
JTC Sin Ming Autocare Hub (Speed Restriction Hump SR-500 & SR-425)

2021 | We sustain NXS belief

2 Perumal Road | Car Park Accessories
Queens Peak | Car Park Accessories
Dawson Contract 3 HDB | SS Fixed and Removable Slide-out Bollards
Highline Residences | Vinyl CG-100, Wall Bumper WB-200

911 Bukit Timah Road | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Botanique @ Bartley | Vinyl CG-100, Wall Bumper WB-200
Costa Rhu | Replacement of Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425

Signature Park | Replacement of Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Punggol North C6/7 HDB Project | Vinyl Corner Guard CG-100
Fiorenza Condominium | Replacement Column Guard CUR-90 
Esparina R&R Works | Column Guards CUR-90, Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200, Gradus CGH5090 C.G.
The Sterling Condo | Column Guards CUR-90, Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200, Gradus CGH5090 C.G.
Double Bay Residences | Gradus CGH5090 Shale
Lilydale Condominium| Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Bedok Town Centre C8 | Fabrication of Mild Steel Bollards, SR-425, Lane Flex Posts, Indoor Mirror
Woodlands N1 C26 & C27 | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
The Peak @ Bulmeg | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
45 Leedon Park | HK-1412

21 Collyer Quay | Car Park Accessories
CapitaSpring @ 88 Market St | L9 BOH Gradus CGH5090, WGS200C

Ocean Financial Centre | Lane Flex Posts, Convex Mirrors, Speed Ramp SR-425
Core Collective @ Dempsey | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
NTUC Balmoral Plaza | SS Slide-Out Removable Bollards
30 Raffles Place | CGH5090, CG-76, WB-200
31 Fishery Port Road | Replacement works Dock Bumpers DB-018, Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Millennia Tower | Replacement works Loading Bay Bumper LB-2080
Wearnes Automotive | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Lane Flex Reboundable Posts
47 Jalan Buroh | Replacement to new EPDM Rubber Dock Bumpers DB-018
Hougang Town Centre | 2 nos SS Slide Out Removable Bollards Tapered Top Design
Nex Shopping Mall | Vinyl Wall Bumper 10 Tier formation and Corner Guard CG-100
Nex Shopping Mall | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Traffic Signage Exit
Nex Shopping Mall | SS Fixed Bollards, Rubberised Bus/Truck Stopper HKR-1816
Mercedes Benz Showroom L2 Carpark | Car Park Accessories – HK-1412, SR-425, Bollards, Mirrors, CUR-90 
Vicom Ltd | Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Fixed Spring Loaded Posts 
Fortune Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Singapore Expo | Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200 & CG-100 Corner Guard, Aluminium Checkered Plates
Alexandra Mapletree Business City, Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Nex Shopping Mall | Vinyl Wall Bumper WB-200 with Corner Guard CG76 & Rigid Sheets
Thomson Plaza | Vinyl Corner Guard CG-76 (Grey) as Kerb Edge Protection System

1 Gali Batu Close | SS Fixed Bollards
Penjuru Recreation Close | Heavy Duty Speed Hump SR-500

17 Senoko Loop | 4 nos MS Bollards c/w Pebble Stone Top Finish 168mm dia x 10mm (T) 1500mm (H)
Jurong Island Project | 100m Type G & 50m Type H SHG Bumper Guards  Pipe Protection
Wilmar Site | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards (Chalk001)
61 Seletar Aerospace View | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Recessed Entrance Floor Mat (Tempestas)
Paya Ubi Industrial Park | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
DHL @ Big Box | Replacement of LB-180 EDPM Rubber
28 Penjuru Lane | Replacement to New EPDM Rubber Dock Bumper DB-018 (14 Bays)
Tuas Project | G316 SS Removable Embdeed Bollards 150mm dia x 1600mm H (Fabrication)

Capella Sentosa | Gradus SPE10 rigid sheets
Metropolitan YMCA | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
Mandarin Orchard | SS Fixed Bollards 75mm dia x 1000mm H c/w SS Chain

IBIS Budget Singapore Ametrine | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Raffles Hotel Singapore | CGS5090 Corner Guards Pillar Protection
Raffles Hotel Singapore | Gradus Wall Protection BOH Corridors

St. Luke Hospital | Gradus CGH5090 , Vinyl CG-76
Pasir Ris Nursing Home | Gradus CGS2590N
Eunos Polyclinic | Car Park Accessories
Potong Pasir Nursing Home | Speed Ramp SR-425, Rubber Car Stopper HKR-1512
Singapore Christian Home | KOROGARD G-100 Cashmere
Mt. Elizabeth Novena | Gradus WGA100 Wall Guards 500mm (L) 

Singapore Breast Surgery Centre, L9 Paragon | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards and SPE10 Rigid Sheets
National University Hospital | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
NUH Ward22/24 | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards, SPE10 1mm (T) Rigid Sheets
National University Hospital | Gradus WGA100 Wall Guard (Bedstopper)
CGH B1 Radiology Department | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards and SPE10 Rigid Sheet (1mm T)
Kallang Polyclinic | Woodeffect handrails 

JTC CT3 Cleantech Loop | Gradus Wall Protection Systems
Parish of Christ Church | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards

SPF Protective Security Command | SHG Bumper Guards Type H & 2D Black Corners
Choa Chu Kang Public Library | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards & WGS200C Wall Guards

Singapore Institute of Technology | Replacement of Traffic Signages
Agape Village | Traffic Safety Products
Bank of Singapore | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Jurong Secondary School | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Masjid Assyakirin | Fabrication of P.E. Designed Bollards 168mm dia x 960mm (H)
Parish of Christ Church |  G316 S.S. Removable Embedded Bollards 219mm dia x 1300mm H
Muhammadiyah Welfare Home @ 101 Elias Road | Fixed Stainless Steel Bollards 152mm dia x 1000mm (H)

2020 & 1Q2021 | We commit to excellence

(Phase 3) Duo Residences | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards & K-G815
(Phase 3) Tivoli Grade | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 3) Clementi Ave 3 | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 3) Newton Edge | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Vinyl Corner Guard CG-76
(Phase 2) Admiralty Place | P.E. Certified Impact-Resistant S.S. Bollards
(Phase 2) Grosvenor View | Column Guard CUR-90 , WB-200 Wall Bumper @ Bin Centre
(Project) Forestwoods Condominium | Car Park Accessories 
(Phase 2) Forestville | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) The Alps Residences | Range of Car Park Accessories Systems
(Project) 45 Amber Road | Car Park Accessories Package
(Phase 2) The Crest | SR-425, Letiboy Signage, Indoor Convex Mirror, Vinyl CG-100
(Phase 2) The Pier @ Robertson | Indoor & Outdoor Convex Mirrors 
(Phase 2) Meyer Residence | EAR3150 Stair Nosing, Convex Mirrors
(Phase 2) Melville Park | Vinyl WB-200, CG-100, Color Car Stopper, Speed Ramp
(Phase 2) Duo Residences | Lane Flex Reboundable Post 
(Phase 2) 29G Goodman Road | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Kingsford Waterbay | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425, Convex Mirrors 
The Arc @ Draycott | Lane Flex Reboundable Post, Convex Mirrors 

(Phase 2) Raduga Centre | Mitre Joint WB-200 with Aluminium Checkered Corner Guard
(Phase 2) Krisshop | Relocation of Wheel Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Nex Shopping Mall | SHG Type A Bumper, Rubber Studded Tiles, WB-200
(Phase 2) CT Hub | Lane Flex Post, Removable Post, Letiboy Signage, Speed Hump
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T4 | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2 Project) 79 Robinson Road | Car Park Accessories, HK-2018, CG-120 Package
(Phase 2) Millenia Walk | EPDM Loading Bay Bumper LB-2080 Replacement Works 
(Phase 2) 2 Loyang Way Bus Depot | Wheel Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T2 Carpark A&A | Car Stopper HK-1412, Speed Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Big Box DHL | Outdoor Mirrors, Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Metal Expandable Barriers
(Phase 2) Changi Airport T2 Basement | Lane Flex Reboundable Post
(Phase 2) Carros Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Singapore Sports Hub | Gradus Entrance Floor Mat Esplanade 1050 
(Phase 2) Punggol Bus Interchange | Fixed Spring Loaded Post
(Phase 2) Millenia Tower L1 Loading Bay | Alum. C.P., Vinyl WB200, Vinyl CG-100
(Phase2) 12 Kallang Avenue | Big Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Big Box Jurong | Color Car Stopper HK-1412 (Delivery)
Ocean Financial Centre | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 

Eunos Technolink | Color Car Stopper HK-1412, Fixed Spring Loaded Post
Chevron House | Vinyl CG-76, G316 S.S. Slide Out Bollards, Speed Ramp SR-425
30 Bideford Road | Vinyl CG-76, Speed Ramp SR-425, Convex Mirrors 

(Phase 2) Raffles Hotel BOH Housekeeping/ Staff Corridors | Gradus WGS200C, CGH5090
(Phase 2) Le Grove Service Residences Cargo Lifts |  Gradus CGS2590N Corner Guards 
(Phase 2) Le Grove Service Residences B1 Housekeeping |  Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards 
(Phase 2) Raffles Hotel L1 Kitchen Area | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards
Marina Bay Sands | Romus Scrapex Floor Mats 
Raffles Hotel Singapore | Gradus CGS5090N @ L1 Courtyard
Hoi An Condotel, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection

Outpost Village Hotel, Sentosa | Gradus CGS5090N, CGS2590N Corner Guards 
Qatar Lounge @ Terminal 1 | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guard 

(Project) Allium Care Suites | Gradus Wall Protection Systems (CGH5090, WGA100, WGS200C)
(Phase 2) National University Hospital | WGA100 Wall Guard / Bed Stopper (Bark 010)
Institution of Mental Health | Refurbishment Work- PVC Strip Curtain, Vinyl WB-200, CG-100 
National University Hospital | 1mm (T) Gradus Sureprotect Endure @ Clinic B 

National University Hospital | Gradus CGS2590N Door Frame C.G. @ Medical Centre
Pristine Medical Clinic | Gradus Wall Protection 
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre | A&A Works – Gradus CGS2590N Corner Guards
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre | A&A Works – Gradus SPE10 Sureprotect Endure 

Hometeam NS Khatib | Car Park Accessories 
Outward Bound Singapore | 800mm dia Convex Mirrors c/w Galv. Steel Poles 

(Phase 2) Masjid Assyakirin | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards 
(Phase 2) Gem World Academy | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) NTU Laboratory | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
(Phase 2) State Courts of Singapore | BOH Vinyl Wall Bumper and Corner Guard Protection
(Phase 2) Gem World Academy | Traffic Signage, SR-425, Outdoor Mirror 
(Phase 2) Sengkang-Punggol LRT Depot | Vinyl CG-100 @ 1.2m, 1.8m (H) 
Nee Soon Camp | Gradus CGH5090 Corner Guards
Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board | Car Park Accessories 

(Phase 3) Blu Singapore Warehouse | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
(Phase 2) Caterpillar ADC | Additional Rubberised Truck Stopper + LB140 Combi Sys. 
(Phase 2) Mitsui High Tech | EPDM Rubber LB-140 Corner Protection System
(Phase 2) 47 Jalan Buroh (Redmart) | Heavy Duty Speed Restriction Hump SR-500 
(Phase 2) Paya Ubi Industrial Park | Fire Engine Lots Quick Release Spring Posts
(Phase 2) Paya Ubi Industrial Park | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 

(Phase 2) Daikai Engineering | Gradus SPE10 1mm Rigid Sheet
(Phase 2) Kimberly Clark Asia Pacific | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018 (53 bays)
(Phase 2) Mega@Woodlands | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
(Phase 2) Caterpillar ADC | Rubber HKR1816 Stopper & EPDM LB-180 System
(Phase 2) 9@Tagore | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425
Kim Keat Avenue | Vinyl WB-150 (Delivery) 

Bollore Logistics | Vinyl WB-200 
Mitsui-Soko International Pte Ltd | Replacement Works – 56 nos DB-018
RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd | Replacement Works – EPDM LB-180, DB-018 

2019 | We strive to excel

MCST 4485 The Hillford | Car Park Accessories 

MCST 4501 The Crest | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
The Alps | Car Park Accessories 
Coco Palms | Speed Restriction Ramp SR-425 
Kallang Riverside | G316 Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards @ Drop off Point
The Clement Canopy | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat 
Northwave E.C. | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Northwave E.C. | Car Park Accessories 

Changi Airport T2 Loading Bay | Replacement Works- Vinyl CG-120, WB-200
Changi Airport T3  Loading Bay A,B,C | Replacement works- Big Stopper HK-2018
Kris Shop Pte Ltd | Wheelstopper HK-1412 Kerb Protection
Friendship Tower, Vietnam | Gradus Carstopper HK-1412, Vinyl CG-76
Hoi An Casino, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection 
Millennia Tower | EPDM LB-180, Dock Bumper DB-018, Vinyl WB-200
Millennia Tower | Alum. Checkered Plate. Vinyl CG-100, WB-200 
Nex Shopping Mall | Dark Grey Vinyl CG-100, WB-200 @ BOH
Nex Shopping Mall | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018, Speed Ramp SR-425 
One Raffles Place | Alum. Checkered Plate, Vinyl CG-76 @ B-O-H

KHOS Hotel, Vietnam | Gradus Vinyl Wall Protection

Fairmont Hotel | Gradus Corner Guard CGH5090, CGH75135 
Le Grove Serviced Residences | Gradus Corner Guard CGH5090, CGS2590N 
Marina Bay Sands | EPDM LB-140, Rubber Studded Tiles Lift Cladding Protection 

Moonlight Home for the Aged & Handicapped | NAKA Handrail, Corner Guards
Admiralty Medical Centre | Gradus WGS200C Wall Guards

Radin Mas Community Club  | Mild Steel Bollards @ Drop off Point

State Courts of Singapore | Car Park Accessories 

State Courts of Singapore | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre | Car Park Accessories 
Police Cantonment Complex | Vinyl CG-76 and Kerb-Edge Protection 
Institute of Technical Education Central | The Black Box- HK-1412 isolators 

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Heavy Duty Big Stopper HK-2018
Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Circular Column Bumper WB-200,  WB25

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Solid Wall Bumper WB-25, New HKR1816LB140
North Tech DOP | P.E. Endorsed M.S. Bollards (Delivery) 

Biorad DC @ 30 Toh Guan Road | Permalight Vinyl Guidance, directional arrows
Jurong Island Warehouse | EPDM LB-140 (Delivery) 
Wearnes Building @ 45 Leng Kee Road | Lane Flex  Post, Convex Mirrors 
Hen Tick Foods Pte Ltd | 2 Layers EPDM LB-180 @ Warehouse Dock
DFS Singapore | EPDM Wheel Chock WC-230 c/w S.S. Chain for Loading Bays 

(Places of Worship )
Thye Hua Kwan Temple @ Fernvale | Car Park Accessories 

2018 | We dedicate and commit 

Kingsford Waterbay Condominium | Car Park Accessories 

Kallang Riverside | Car Park Accessories 
The Poiz | Car Park Accessories 
Duo Residences | KOROGARD Corner Guards, Car Park Accessories 
The Criterion | Car Park Accessories 

Jewel Changi Airport | Color Car Stopper HK-1412 
NomadX @ Plaza Singapura | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Changi Airport T3 Transit North | Gradus Wall Protection
Alexandra Technopark | Car Park Accessories
Forest City Project, Johor, Malaysia | Color Car Stopper HK-1412
Fusionopolis 1 Building | Column Guard CUR-90, Vinyl VG-100 

Le Grove Serviced Residences | Gradus Esplanade 1500 Entrance Floor Mat
Tanah Merah Country Club | KOROGARD C.G. Vinyl CG-76, EPDM LB-2080
Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre | Gradus Wall Protection, Alum. C. Plate
Outpost Village Hotel, Sentosa | Vinyl WB-150, CUR-90, Convex Mirrors 

Camden Medical Centre | Gradus Wall Protection

Taman Jurong Nursing Home | Naka Wall Protection (Services) 
Farrer Square Medical Centre | Naka Wall Protection (Services) 

Frontier Community Club | Gradus Corner Guard  CGH5090
Heartbeat@ Bedok | Car Park Accessories, Wall Painted Directional Arrows

NUS School of Design & Environment | S.S. Fixed and Slot-out Bollards

Caterpillar Asia Distribution Centre | Overhead Column Protection CG-120, WB-200
FM Global Centre | Car Park Accessories
Southpoint | Vinyl CG-100, Vinyl WB-200, EPDM LB-2080
DFS Warehouse Singapore | Wheel Stopper HK-1412, Vinyl CG-100

(Places of Worship )
Church of our Saviour | Column Guard CUR-90

2017 | We make the effort

Highline Residences @ Kim Tian Road | SHG Bumper Guards
The Creek @ Bukit Batok | Car Park Accessories 
Coco Palms @ Pasir Ris | Car Park Accessories 
Sea Horizon EC @ Pasir Ris | Car Park Accessories 
New Futura @ Leonie Hill | Car Park Accessories
Kingsford Hillview Peak @ Hillview Ave| Car Park Accessories

The Venue Residences | Car Park Accessories 

Yishun Hawker Centre @ Yishun Ave 11 | Car Park Accessories 
A&A Works @ Fusionopolis | G316 Stainless Steel Fixed Bollards
A&A Works @ One Marina Boulevard | KOROGARD Wall Protection

Andaz Hotel Singapore @ Duo | KOROGARD Wall Protection 

Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic | Car Park Accessories