Curated Products

EPDM Rubber Wheel Chock 


WC-140: 98mm (W) x 245mm (L) x 140mm (H)
WC-160 : 95mm (W) x 210mm (L) x 160mm (H)
WC-230 : 140mm (W) x 280mm (L) x 230mm (H)

Option: with SS Handle and Eye Bolt

H-Beam Edge Guard 

Size: 35mm (W) x 10mm (T) x 50mm (Wings)
Length: 1000mm, 3000mm
Color: Black, Yellow, Grey
Material: Vinyl PVC

PVC Braille Tile (Tape On) 

Size: 300mm x 300mm x 7mm (T)
Color: Yellow
Patterns: 36 Circular Embossed Studs / 4 Linear Lines