Loading Bay

Together with our India Manufacturer, NXS design and curate Industrial Guards and Fenders with a wide selection and better performing system for heavy traffic and operations at loading bay facilities.

EPDM Rubber Loading Bay Bumper 



LB-140 – 140mm (W) x 70mm (T) x 3000mm (L)
LB-180 – 180mm (W) x 100mm (T) x 3000mm (L)
LB-2080 – 200mm (W) x 80mm (T) x 3000mm (L)

Color: Black

EPDM Rubber Hollow D Fender 


Size: 160mm (W) x 40mm (T) x 150mm (H) x 1000mm (L)
Color: Black
Material: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer EPDM

EPDM Rubber Dock Bumper DB-018 


Size: 250mm (H) x 100mm (T) x 450mm (L)
Color: Black
Material: EPDM Rubber

Rubber Wheel Chock



WC-230 – 140mm (W) x 280mm (L) x 230mm (H)
WC-140 – 98mm (W) x 245mm (L) x 140mm (H)

Color: Black with Yellow Stickers
Option: Stainless Steel Handle and Eye Bolt